INTRODUCING ~ The MJW Radiant Warriors Special Needs Squad


Many students with disabilities often find themselves sidelined, they feel excluded from recreational sports and the critical social opportunities they provide.  Students with disabilities want to gain confidence and acceptance and inspire entire communities to embrace inclusion.


Students with disabilities should have the opportunity to cheer and dance for and with their peers at sporting events.  These students don’t just want to cheer. Like all students, they want to fit in.


McHenry Jr. Warriors is starting a new Cheer and Dance Squad
that includes students with disabilities!




 The MJW Radiant Warriors are a new recreational cheer and dance squad that not only gives those a chance to belong—we give them a chance to SHINE.  The MJW Radiant Warriors Cheer and Dance program is exclusive to individuals in 1st grade through age 22 with special needs that have physical limitations, developmental, and intellectual disabilities. 


 The MJW Radiant Warriors squad is a wonderful opportunity for girls and boys of various ages and abilities to participate in an exciting sports program while experiencing growth in self-confidence, social skills, flexibility, motor skills and much more.


 The MJW Radiant Warriors squad offers friends, fun, music, dancing, cheering, the opportunity to perform at the MTJW youth football games, and two local cheer and dance competitions where they strive to achieve a bid to the IRCA State Championships.


 The MJW Radiant Warrior athletes can expect to practice two evenings a week. Practices are held outdoors during August and will typically move indoors in early September.


Registration is OPEN through June 30th!

The cost for the 2016 Radiant Warriors season will be $200. 
Please visit the attachment for what is included in the fee -->2016_MJW_RW_Fee_Breakdown.pdf 



****REGISTER NOW!!!****



You will have the opportunity to purchase cheer shoes through Rogan Shoes in August or you may purchase any plain white gym shoes to ensure proper fit.

To help keep costs low we are asking that each family obtain at least one sponsor for the 2016 season
or assist in selling lottery tickets for our August lottery drawings.  

Payment plans are available


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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: